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„Cosmic Voidance“ was released on May 13th 2022 via Black Sunset/MDD. Unconditional Death Metal with heavy grooves and dense atmosphere delivered in 10 bone-crushing songs!


Levin Mueller – Drums, Alexander Sobczak – Vocals, Hedi Tej – Bass, Julian Müller – Guitar


Current release „Cosmic Voidance“ (May 2022) on Spotify

First album „Obsidian Nothingness“ (May 2016) on Spotify



CYPHONISM is a death metal band from Wolfsburg, Germany.
Founded by Elling Golz (Guitar), Torben Golz (Vocals/Bass), Leon Schubert (Drums) and Julian Müller (Guitar) at the end of 2011.
With this line-up the first few songs were written and the direction was set: Death Metal.
Without compromises and riddled with heavy grooves.

In spring of 2012 Elling Golz left the band and the first gigs were played with other musicians from the local scene filling in.
Later in 2013 Aljoscha Töpel joined the band as their new guitar player.

Finally the self-titled EP was released in January of 2014.
Recorded in their rehearsal space this debut EP had a raw and energetic charme.
The five tracks with a mix of high speed and atmospheric mid tempo parts received great feedback within the local metal community 
further enabling the band to play numerous shows in Germany.
In February of 2015 this period reached its peak with the first foreign show in Poland.

Because of musical differences Torben Golz and Leon Schubert left the band.
In April of 2015 Patrick Moers joined the band as the new vocalist bringing some new influences to the table.

For now the band decided to continue as a three-piece to focus on writing the first full-length album.
After finishing the songwriting, production started in summer of 2015.
The Band recorded in their own studio while mixing and mastering was done by Aljoscha Sieg (Pitchback Studios, Cologne, Germany).

After the production was finished in the beginning of 2016 the album was completed with the artwork of Spanish artist Rafael Garrido.
The debut full-length album "Obsidian Nothingness" was self-released on May 6th 2016.

After taking it slow and searching for a new drummer for quite a while Cyphonism went on to write the sophomore album “Cosmic Voidance”.

Writing took the better part of 3 years and so recording started in late 2019.

While the drums were recorded by longtime friend Julian Dietrich (Crescent, Into Coffin), all the other instruments as well as vocals were recorded by the band itself at Konstrukted Audio.

In Late 2021 Levin Mueller was announced as their new permanent drummer.

At the same time Cyphonism signed a deal with Black Sunset - a division of MDD Records to release their new album and they started a cooperation with Black Media Concerts as their Booking Agency.

“Cosmic Voidance“ was released on 13th of May 2022, shows with Analepsy, Maximize Bestiality, Bedsore and Cryptic Shift were played and the search for new endeavours has begun! Check out our music and videos on here and our social and don´t shy away to contact us!


Death Metal Fans sollten sich diese Scheibe auf jeden Fall reinziehen da sie wirklich fürs Headbang-Workout perfekt geeignet ist. Punkte: 8 / 10

Thomas Mais-Schöll – Ammo supports the underground

Für mich ist das große Plus eurer Scheibe, dass ihr nicht zu technisch seid. Mit der neuen IMMOLATION werde ich zum Beispiel überhaupt nicht warm, die ist mir zu überladen. Im Vergleich zum ersten Album habt ihr die Songs ja auch deutlich kürzer gehalten. Und ihr habt nie diese exponierten Gitarrensoli, klar passiert da immer viel, zum Beispiel beim Blastpart von ´Plague River´, aber es sind nie die klassischen Soli, die sonst oft viel Raum einnehmen.

Tobias Trillmich – twilight-magazin

With the release of their debut “Obsidian Nothingness” in 2016, the band was already able to attract attention from the scene. With Cosmic Voidance, the second album of the band from Lower Saxony is now ready to be released, which refines and consequently continues the path they have taken so far, both in terms of content and style. 10 bone-crushing neckbreakers, stylistically at home in extreme, technical death metal, should strain the neck muscles of every friend of this genre.

Dave Griffiths – heavymag

All in all, CYPHONISM have produced an impressive Death Metal album with the ability to add some dense atmosphere when needed over tech-metal riffage, blast beats and great vocals. There is some variety also with the different dynamics on display and I would certainly listen to it again and fans of this genre will find much to enjoy through its 35-minute runtime. Songwriting: 8 Musicianship: 8 Memorability: 7 Production: 9

Phil Tyler – metal-temple.com